Here's a bunch of things that have helped me tremendously in my journey or simply bring me joy. (last updated in October 2023)


  • Audiopen lets you record your ramblings and spits out coherent summary with the help of AI.
  • my90stv streams a large collection of random 90s television I grew up on.
  • is a well curated music library which can easily be browsed by country and year.
  • everynoiseatonce lets you find related artists to any song you want and is a great discovery service. The interface is a bit cryptic, but I constantly use it.

YouTube Channels

  • Daniel Titchener is an interior designer who shows you how to make the most out of your space on a budget and in style.
  • Nate O'Brien offers a very approachable, down to earth advice on personal finance.
  • PROOF offers great content on NFTs, digital art and crypto.
  • Dan Koe talks about self improvement, one-man business with just the right balance of philosophy and actionable advice.
  • Ronald L. Banks is a poet and minimalist, who talks about why less is more in a very relatable format.


  • The Tim Ferriss Show. Long-form interviews with thought leaders from all fields. Personal highlight are the "Random Show" episodes with Kevin Rose.
  • All In. Business, economy, investing, macro, polictics, etc
  • Hurry Slowly. Great insights into finding more meaning and creativity in our daily work.
  • Bankless. Very thoroughly researched content covering the new digital frontier of digital payments, crypto and web3.
  • Proof. All things digital art & NFTs ushering in the digital renaissance.