Just write

Every morning, for 20 minutes, I just write. I write anything that comes to mind. I don’t stop, even if I’m writing “uhm” or “I don’t know what to write.” I simply let my thoughts flow onto paper. The goal is to release any resistance and let your mind express itself. After a small break, I come back to my pages to underline words that stand out, highlighting important words, topics, and ideas.

The idea comes from Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way, but I first heard about it when Tim Ferriss talked about his morning pages.

Imagine a problem you need to solve or a decision you have to make. Most people will look for answers and validation from others, but deep down, our gut is never wrong. Trust that the best answers are within you. These pages can provide answers and insights into your life. You have to trust your intuition. Trust that the words and ideas are there for a reason.

I urge you to make time for this exercise in the morning. It can give you guidance for the day and boost your confidence in yourself and your ideas. As you continue doing the pages, you’ll get better at recognizing answers when they appear.

Sometimes it’s just about doing what we already know.

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