Confidence is something that everyone wants more of, as it is crucial in various aspects of life such as work, social situations, or being in front of a camera.

Most people that know me, would consider me fairly confident. Yet I had multiple occasions over the last months where I didn’t feel as confident as I used to be. I am not sure what happened. It feels like a superhero waking up without his powers. Where did the confidence go?

Then I remembered a Vlog by Wanhee, in which he breaks down the concept of layers of confidence and it opened my eyes to what might have happened and how to improve.

According to him, confidence has three layers: appearance-based, competence-based, and acceptance-based.

These layers are often connected to different stages of our lives. In our teens and 20s, we tend to heavily focus on appearance. As we mature and understand the importance of providing value to the world through our abilities, our confidence becomes more competence-based. And as we grow wiser and embark on an introspective spiritual journey, we realize that true self-confidence stems from radical acceptance and honesty with oneself. This natural progression is not meant to imply that one layer is better than another but rather highlights the evolution of a person’s confidence journey.

Understanding these layers helped me to come up with specific goals towards increasing my self-confidence again in the coming months.

(to be continued…)

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