Recently I feel like I fell out of love with design as an occupation. The everyday life of a designer has changed massively in the last years. The hesitance in making decisions due to over-reliance on making data-driven vs data-informed decisions has annoyed me for years. Add to that the advances which AI opens up week after week, I am questioning the direction my occupation is taking. More on this in future posts though – at the moment I am just looking at this through the lens of my current theme of confidence.

This uncertainty in my occupation erased some of my of competence-based confidence, which refers to your actual abilities and the value you provide to the world. Being good at your chosen craft essentially demonstrates a core self-reliance which allows you to carry yourself with certainty because you know that you can defend yourself and those around you.

I don’t feel the competence which gave me confidence and the ability to communicate assertively with others anymore. I increasingly find myself in an industry that embraces a new paradigm and I feel ill prepared at times.

Starting my blog is part of trying to remedy this. By reflecting on my occupation as well as life in general, I am hoping to gain clarity on how to move forward from here. Maybe I rediscover my love for design and find a new place in the occupation or feel compelled to move in a completely different direction.

Let’s see what the future will bring…

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