I was never overly concerned about appearance. On the other hand I never looked trained. Seeing well trained people never made me aspire to build a trained body for aesthetic purposes, but I can’t deny that I felt a little bit of envy.

When diving deeper into my lack of confidence recently, I realised that the preoccupation with appearance is actually natural since humans have evolved to pay attention to physical cues since the beginning of time.

A few weeks ago I decided to do something about that. I am not chasing goals like getting that elusive six pack. My goal is to stay reasonable fit for my age. I simply put in daily effort into building muscle through simple bodyweight exercises like pushups, planks & squats as well as maintaining low body fat by intermittent fasting and staying at a slight caloric deficit.

To be honest, it’s crazy to see changes this quickly with so little effort. I don’t have well defined muscles yet by any measure, but I can see visible improvement which propel me forward on this journey. I’ll report on my progress and the effects on my self-confidence over the next months.

With all this said, keep in mind that basing your entire sense of self-worth around appearance has its limitations because it’s fragile. There will always be someone who may appear better-looking or fitter than you are. Achieving deeper layers of confidence requires moving beyond just physical traits…

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