I'm a writer at the intersection of design, minimalism, web3 and music.

I currently work as UX Designer at Germany's largest online broker for products and services around the house. Previously I worked as UX Designer at Germany's leading lottery e-commerce company and as Art Director at Germany's leading sportsbook. I have successfully designed engaging product solutions and managed a team of 7 designers. Before these in-house positions, I have partnered up with various agencies to successfully deliver projects for brands like Burton, H&M, Sony, Hyundai, Subaru, MF Global, Nokia, Tivo and the Australian Government.

Music is a big part of my life. I curate music on Brooklyn Radio. On my first released mixtape New York State of Mind: The 90’s Sound I teamed up with Esco on to create a special mix representing the classic sound of New York Hip Hop. Another personal favourite is my Smoke Break mixtape, full of mostly overlooked dusty beats I collected over the years. It received 20.000 plays and was #1 in the Beats, Groove and Lounge charts on Mixcloud. Another milestone for me was 100% Dilla - a tribute mix of my favourite tracks from my favourite music producer of all time - J Dilla. This mixtape is almost 2 hours long, also received over 20.000 plays and reached #1 in the Hip Hop and Rap charts on Mixcloud. R.I.P. Dilla.